Scoped Games Update!

So it has been about 5 months since I wrote anything for the site here at Scoped Games. I honestly did not think it had really been that long. A lot happened at the beginning of the year so it kind of just slipped to the back of my mind.

I also felt pretty bad about the Anthem post that I had put out last time mostly because it did feel very “click bait” after rereading it a few weeks later, and I do apologize for that content. It is not my goal to make a click bait blog, and it is meant to be more of an outlet for myself. I do feel like maybe I am putting to much on myself for the website to the point where I wrote something for the purpose of writing something.
So over the next week I am going to be revisiting the idea of the site, and I am going to focus the content more along the lines of VR oriented content. The Fallout 4 article seemed to get a lot of traction and after moving I have gotten a much larger space to really enjoy VR games/Experiences. I also get my 3D Printer hooked back up yo be able to print some nice wall mounts for all my VR gear.

So if you are interested in VR content then maybe this site will be a good source for you!