Mission Statement

Debating on what I should decide to write about on this first blog post has been more difficult than I had initially thought. I have come up with several ideas however I want these blog posts to be fairly well thought out and well researched so deciding on a first topic is very important to me. I would like these topics to be relative fairly relevant to myself and to potential readers looking for information on Games, Hardware, and other discussion currently going on in the industry.

The thoughts on this blog are my own, and I will do my best not to misconstrued information put forth as well as credible sources on and data I put forth. I also simply want to state that I am trying to put a fair amount of work into these posts so 1 or 2 blog posts every couple of weeks may be all that I am able to handle at the beginning of this journey. Eventually I would like to branch out into the community to help with this Website including looking for an editor to speed up the editing process of articles, and additional gamer/bloggers to add more variety and content to the site.

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