Star Wars Battlefront 2 Alternatives


Coming off the heels of Star Wars The last Jedi theatrical release I as many other gamers are sure to be carrying an itch to play a Star Wars game. Not lost on consumers is the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 from developer Dice produced by Electronic Arts. While I am not going to parse through the reasons for avoiding the title on here, mainly because it’s already been covered in depth by others, I wanted to take time to recommend some other great alternatives. At the time of writing this Steam does have a sale going on most of the Star Wars titles available on on its platform however these titles go on sale regularly so don’t be discouraged if they are not on sale at the time of reading and most are still worth the price even when not discounted.

maxresdefault (1)

Inside the cockpit of an X-Wing of X-Wing Alliance

Flight simulations are coming back into the norm with Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous being some mainstream examples, but X-Wing has been rocking the flight stick since as early as 1994. While the games i’ll agree have not aged well graphically the game-play is still solid and is a great way to jump into a cockpit and blast away at the Galactic Empire. If you do have a joystick it is most likely compatible but keyboard controls are implemented for the titles. X-Wing has several titles out in the series but are all standalone titles story wise. A bundle is available with all the titles for $20($11.99 on sale at the time of this article), but if you are looking to pick up just a couple X-Wing Alliance features about an 8 hour long campaign while X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter Balance of power features 2 to 8 player multiplayer co-op through 50 missions.


Combat in Knights of the old republic 2

In terms of story driven Star Wars games if you have the time look no further than Knights of the Old Republic developed by Bioware and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Between these two massive RPG stories you will get 60 to 70 hour single player story campaigns asking you to develop your character, build your own light saber, and make decisions to shape your own story changing if certain aspects of your game will or will not occur. For any Star Wars fan these games are absolute must plays. While not as in depth some other single player Star Wars games to dive into are The force Unleashed 1, 2 and Star Wars Republic Commando giving about 8 to 10 hours to complete each respectively.


Ground combat in Star Wars Empire at war

Personally I love strategy games especially real-time strategy. The first game I will recommend to you is Star Wars Empire at war giving you control over the Rebel scum, Galactic Empire, or the Tyber Zann enabling control of the Star Wars underworld. This strategy title features Space and ground combat enabling you to tell a personal story to yourself on how you had to take a the planet as well as the space around it. Empire at war comes with a 20 to 23 hour campaign as well as multi-player support which was recently re-enabled making it a great title to jump into with some friends.


Sins of a Galactic Empire Mod from Sins of a Solar Empire Base game

The second strategy game I want to recommend to you is not directly a Star Wars game. Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion is a real time strategy 4x game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) developed by Ironclad games which released in 2012 but continues to receive patches. Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion is actually one of several expand alone game but Rebellion is the most up to date at the time of writing this so don’t be confused if you decided to pull the trigger on a purchase. Skipping over all the great things that make the game great on its own the modding community for this title is alive and well delivering several great total conversion mods such as the Sins of a Galactic Empire. The Sins of a Galactic Empire mod converts all the ships, all the music, all of the icons, and every aspect of the game into a dream Star Wars strategy title that will have you engaged for hours on end. Sins of a Solar Empire in the basic sense has players competing against each other fighting over planet control, expanding their empires, and building up military for inevitable large space combat. Personally this is a title that I have played extensively but I don’t want to ramble on too much.

While we will be waiting another year to see if the Han Solo prequel movie is as good as Rogue One, or if you plan on speculating on Star Wars Episode 9 for the next two years rest assured there is plenty of Star Wars games to keep you covered until the next release, and as a bonus you don’t need to feel forced to hand over your all mighty dollar to the Galactic Empire that is Electronic Arts Entertainment.

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While I only covered a few games in my posting there are absolutely more great titles, and I apologize if I did not mention it in here, feel free to mention them in a comment below to spread the word!

Game time may vary from player to player, most of these times add up to about the same as my play time, but statistics were taken from


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